Tucker reveals the original character he wanted in WWE, explains the white glove idea (Exclusive)

Tucker Knight, aka Levi Cooper, was released from his WWE contract in April this year, and the former Heavy Machinery star answered many questions during his recent appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone.

While Tucker spent most of his WWE run as Otis’ tag team partner, he did undergo a heel turn before his release, effectively disbanding the fan-favourite tag team.

Tucker also had big plans for his singles character, and he revealed a pitch he made to the WWE on the latest UnSKripted. The former WWE superstar wanted to portray the role of a heel who loved golf and used the sport’s jargon in his promos.

The former 24/7 Champion also explained the idea of his gimmick’s attachment with a white glove. Tucker felt that sporting a white glove suited the country club personality, and anyone who touched the accessory would have faced his wrath.

“I pitched kind of a country club, not nice guy, I guess, for lack of a better term, you know. I’m a big fan of Golf, love playing Golf. Lot’s of things about the jargon of Golf. I would have thrown that into the promos, in the middle of things, maybe have a white glove that’s very pristine. When people touch it, I get very upset with them. It’s something I pitched,” revealed Tucker.

Tucker just wants to be himself during his post-WWE run

Tucker has moved on from the golf-inspired gimmick as he now wants to be himself after spending eight years in the WWE. Levi Cooper is ready to hit the ground running, and he vowed to ‘strip the facade away.’

The 30-year-old star reminded everyone that he consistently ranked amongst the top amateur heavyweight wrestlers in the US for many years. Tucker is done playing flashy personas as he just intends on beating people up following his return to the ring.

“Ideally, you know, what I’m going for now is going to basically strip a lot of the facade away. That’s why I’m not trying to go by any name other than Levi Cooper. Hey, this is what I am; look me up; like for three years in a row, I was one of the top ten heavyweights in America. Like I’m coming for you in a town near you, no BS, no jean jacket, no nothing. Just singlet, boots, like I’m coming to kick some butt, and you know that’s it. Maybe the next layer on top of that for me would be a force of nature, like somebody who understands the beauty and calm that nature possesses, and then when the time is necessary, the violence and force that you can erupt forth is sort of going to be the ethos of Levi Cooper in a nutshell,” Tucker added.

While Tucker’s WWE career had an abrupt end, the former WWE star commented on his current relationship with Otis and was confident about a reunion.

Cooper also spoke about the speculation surrounding Mandy Rose’s split from his former WWE partner, thoughts on AEW, and more during the latest UnSKripted Q&A session.

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