“It was very cute”: Logan Paul reacts to Drake renting out Dodgers stadium for rumored new girlfriend, Johanna Leia

Logan Paul admitted that Drake’s date for Johanna Leia was “very cute.” On the July 13th episode of Impaulsive titled, The End of Conor McGregor’s Career, Logan Paul along with his co-hosts explained the expense that Drake went to for his rumored girlfriend, Johanna Leia.

“Drake went on a really date at the Dodger’s stadium. A private table, empty stadium with the mother of one of Bronny’s teammates, who Drake is cool with. Basically, it’s like hey kid I hope you’re gonna do well you’re gonna be a superstar, I’m gonna go f–k your mom.”

For context, Drake’s rumored new girlfriend is Johanna Leia. Johanna Leia is the mother of Amari Bailey, a basketball player for Sierra Canyon High School. Johanna is also a forty-year-old model and former reality television star.

The pair were speculated of meeting through Drake and Johanna Leia’s mutual love for the sport of basketball. Drake is also a mentor to Leia’s oldest son.

“He took her to a rented out Dodgers stadium, there’s no one there. A private table, a private server, I’m sure the food’s incredible. And they got custom jerseys, it was very cute. Drake is the f—ing GOAT in all facets of life. Great music, great dates.”

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Fans react to Johanna Leia’s involvement with Drake

Johanna Leia’s date with rapper Drake was shared via a drone flying over Dodger’s Stadium. The pair can be seen sitting at a table near the dugout, talking across a table set with food.

While many shared the same reaction as Logan Paul, other netizens shared their jealous thoughts of the rapper dating model Johanna Leia.

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There is currently no confirmation on whether or not Johanna Leia is still dating Drake. Some sources speculate that the pair have been dating for months. Neither Drake nor Johanna Leia have shared posts of their intimate interactions on Instagram.

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