“I don’t know how I’m going to look with my head bald” – Details of Vince McMahon’s prank on a top WWE star revealed

Vince McMahon is a frequent prankster in WWE. Some stories about the boss’s backstage ribs are iconic and part of wrestling folklore.

During the latest edition of ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ on AdFreeShows.com, Kurt Angle and Edge opened up about one of McMahon’s pranks that happened during their Hair vs. Hair WWE program in 2002.

Edge shaved Angle’s hair after winning a 15-minute match at WWE Judgment Day 2002, but the Rated-R Superstar was not informed about the booking plan until the day of the WWE event.

Vince McMahon wanted Edge to believe that he was set to lose his hair, and Shane McMahon was also involved in the prank.

Shane O’Mac tried to convince Edge throughout the day that he was slated to go bald, and the WWE Hall of Famer even cultivated a small degree of doubt. Kurt Angle confirmed that Vince McMahon was responsible for the prank as the WWE chairman deliberately delayed telling the Rated-R Superstar about the match’s finish.

Edge is glad he didn’t lose his hair, likening his bald self to the main character of the 1922 horror movie, Nosferatu.

Check out their recent discussion about the prank:

Edge: “Me not knowing how to use a pair of clippers and just butchering your head! Just butchering you. Like, I’ve seen it back, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, sorry.’ Like I’m still apologizing for that.”

Kurt Angle: “Edge, it was painful. Do you remember the prank that Vince and I pulled on you before the show?”

Edge: “Well, it was. So, Shane, all day, was trying to convince me that I’m getting my head shaved, getting my head shaved, getting my head shaved. And he will to this day, he will say that I bought it. Now, there might have been a percentage of me that went like, ‘God, this is Vince and these guys, you never know.’ There is that possibility, but I don’t think so, which just goes to show how much has changed, like we literally, I didn’t find out what they actually wanted, like probably four in the afternoon.”

Kurt Angle: “Yeah, Vince held out; he wanted you to think that you’re getting your head shaved. And you know what, you came up to me and said, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to look with my head bald.'”

Edge: “Well, I know what my head feels like. It wouldn’t be pretty; it wouldn’t be pretty. I’d kind of look like, remember that old vampire movie, Nosferatu. That might be me.”

“That’s the ultimate testament of that match” – Edge on his Hair vs. Hair showdown with Kurt Angle in WWE

Edge delved deeper into the storyline dynamics of his WWE feud with Kurt Angle and how fans were also conditioned to expect the Rated-R legend to go bald.

Despite being the babyface who was feuding against a naturally balding heel, Edge was still booked as the favorite to lose his long locks in the storyline.

The 11-time WWE Champion felt the story’s unpredictability made it even more unique, and he had a blast working with the Olympic Hero.

“I think as a fan, you probably figured.” Edge continued, “It’s probably going to be Kurt; they are not going to do that to Edge’s head, right? But, we had them believing otherwise. And to me, that’s the ultimate testament of that match. We actually had people believing that this guy who is already losing his hair a little bit might actually win this thing and take it away from the guy who has got like a mop on his head and is the babyface. We actually had them thinking that the long-haired babyface was going to lose the hair vs. hair match. So, that to me was just a blast. And when you can get in there and hear and feel the crowd like that and also know you are with a guy who you’re in the pocket with, you’re in the zone with.”

Can you imagine a clean-shaved Edge in WWE? We’ve seen the Smackdown superstar with short hair but never completely bald, and he should ideally stay away from the skinhead look if he is serious about the Nosferatu comparison.

Edge is scheduled to face Roman Reigns this weekend at WWE Money in the Bank with the Universal Championship on the line.

If any quotes are used from this article, please credit The Kurt Angle Show and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.

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