Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft: Everything players need to know


The Enchanted Golden Apple is considered one of Minecraft‘s most iconic consumables. Commonly often called the Notch Apple or God Apple, this merchandise is among the hardest to accumulate within the sport.

Many gamers by no means get the prospect to eat an Enchanted Golden Apple. However, those that do will solely eat them when completely vital.

Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft


 An underwater Ruined Portal, where God Apples can be found (Image via Minecraft)
An underwater Ruined Portal, the place God Apples could be discovered (Image by way of Minecraft)


Obtaining an Enchanted Golden Apple is extraordinarily troublesome. They can solely be discovered within the following areas:

  • Dungeon Chest (3.1% probability)
  • Mineshaft Chest (1.4% probability)
  • Bastion Remnant Treasure Chest (6.5% probability)
  • Desert Temple Chest (2.6% probability)
  • Ruined Portal Chest (1.5% probability)
  • Woodland Mansion Chest (3.1% probability)

As gamers can see, the percentages of discovering an Enchanted Golden Apple are extraordinarily low throughout the board.

Golden Enchanted Apples can be used to create a
Golden Enchanted Apples can be utilized to create a “Thing” banner sample in Minecraft (Image by way of Minecraft)


While Golden Enchanted Apples aren’t probably the most helpful merchandise within the sport, they are often life-saving in sure conditions.

The Golden Enchanted Apple’s commonest use is throughout high-intensity conditions resembling a boss battle or PVP situation. Many PVP gamers wish to eat Golden Enchanted Apples earlier than stepping into an evenly matched battle.

Here are the stats for the Golden Enchanted Apple:

  • Absorption IV for two minutes (gives 8 golden hearts)
  • Regeneration II for 30 seconds (healings 8 hearts)
  • Fire Resistance I for five minutes
  • Resistance I for five minutes (20% total lowered harm)

Enchanted Golden Apples can be used to breed, improve taming probabilities and pace up the expansion of horses

Additionally, these apples can be utilized to create a “Thing” banner sample, which could be utilized to a Banner within a Loom (seen above).

Piglins are extraordinarily interested in the God Apple and can run in direction of a dropped one and steal it.