Nayak in Real Life : Uttarakhand gets a 19-year old girl as CM for one day, initiative to mark National Girl Child Day

The Uttarakhand State Commission for Protection of Child Rights on Sunday, 24th January made Srishti Goswami, a 19-year old girl as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand for a day. The initiative was taken on the occasion of National Girl Child Day, celebrated on 24th January every year.


    • Srishti Goswami becomes Uttarakhand CM for one day
    • She was Chief Minister of Bal Vidhan Sabha for three years
    • Focused on Safety of Women
    • Protection of Child Rights
    • Initiative symbolic to raise leadership qualities in Girl

Srishti Goswami as the CM of Uttarakhand for 24 hrs


uttrakhand cm for one day

Srishti Goswami, a 19-year old Agriculture Science student was given the charge of CM of Uttarakhand for one day on 24th Jan. The initiative was taken by The State Commission for Protection of Child Rights to mark National Girl Child Day. The chairperson of this commission, Ms. Usha Negi forwarded the idea to Trivendra Singh Rawat (CM of Uttarakhand) and he approved of this idea citing that it’ll send out an encouraging message to all girls, showing capabilities of women to make strong leaders. The idea was inspired by popular bollywood movie ‘Nayak’ starring Anil Kapoor.

Ms. Goswami was welcomed on her arrival at the Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha by Dhan Singh Rawat, the Higher Education Minister. At first Ms. Goswami reviewed the work of various departments. Then Nilesh Anand Bharney, the Deputy Inspector General of Law and Order, gave a detailed presentation on crime records to her.

Srishti Goswami’s focus was on women safety and protection of children from abuse and exploitation. She asked the officials to ensure safety of women commuting in public transport. She also asked them to ensure that privacy of women is maintained after natural calamities. Disasters hit Uttarakhand frequently and women along with children suffer the most owing to their vulnerability. She so checked that no drug or illegal substance is sold within 500 m radius of schools.

On becoming CM for one day and stating strong leadership abilities, Goswami expressed thankfulness to CM Trivendra Singh Rawat and the State Commission. The idea of making a 19 year old as CM for one day was inspired by “Nayak” where the hero, played Anil Kapoor took charge of the state for one day.

Expressing her thankfulness for the opportunity, Ms. Goswami said : “That was cinema….. this is real. You can guess the excitement. I am thankful to CM and the Commission for providing me this golden opportunity.”

When asked what she will do if she becomes a real CM, Goswami said her priority will be to work for protection of children and women and solving issues related to child abuse.

Ms. Goswami’s tenure lasted for four hours. She made a couple of recommendations which will be forwarded to the government for consideration. She also asked officials to renovate the dilapidated bridges across the state.

Srishti Goswami Background

Srishti Goswami comes from Daulatpur Village in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand. Her father runs a grocery shop in the area and her mother is an Anganwadi worker.

Ms. Goswami has always been influential and demonstrated leadership capabilities. She aas elected as the Chief Minister for three years in Bal Vidhan Sabha since 2018. Because of this feat, her ne was recommended by the State Commission.


Last year, a 16 year old activist became the Prime Minister of Finland for one day. Aava Murto was given the charge by Sana Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland for 24hrs. Aava Murto is an activist working for issues related to climate change and women empowerment. Sana Marin herself became the youngest Prime Minister of the world at the age of 34.


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