Andhra Pradesh: Two daughters murdered as a part of ritual by parents

Daughters Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (22) were found in the bloodbath under a superstitious ritual performed by their parents

Two daughters murdered

On Sunday Madanapalle police forced enter the house of a couple, Dr. V Purushotam Naidu- an associate professor of chemistry and wife Padmaja- A maths lecturer when neighbors reported “torturous noises” and “loud screams and chants” coming from the house. When the team entered the residence Naidu was in a state of trance whereas Padmaja sitting on bed staring and behaving strangely. While searching the whole house they found the body of Alekhya, the eldest daughter, in the puja room on the ground floor. Alekhya had a deep injury on her forehead. Sai Divya was found in a pool of blood in her bedroom located upstairs, said police. Their heads were bludgeoned with a dumbbells and they were cracked open,” DSP Ravi Chary said. As reported Padmaja started screaming at the officers who according to her have disrupted the ritual that could bring the life of the two back. She blamed the officers for bringing demons to their home and claimed herself as a form of lord Shiva. She was reported telling cops about the advent of Satya yug and witness the end of Kali Yuga as god directly communicated to them.

Alekhya (27) had completed a diploma in forest studies from Bhopal. She was a regular user of social media websites like Instagram, where she shared pictures of herself, her friends and family. However, earlier this week, there was a shift in her posts. “Shiva is coming,” a post on January 21 said. This was followed by another post, “Work is done,” and another one, which said, “Islam is dead. Muslims are gone. Mohammed in Halahal #Shivaspeaks (sic). Whereas as told by the couple, the younger one Sai Divya (22) got the message from God about the arrival of Satya Yuga.

The bodies of the two victims were undraped when the police found them. The couple claimed that they’ve performed these rituals in the past too. They sticked to the fact of them being spiritual and accomplished people.

The police did not arrest the two accused immediately as they were not in a healthy mental state. They said that while Naidu began cooperating with them, Padmaja’s mental health condition was still not stable. They were admitted to the psychiatry ward at the SVRR government general hospital at Tirupati. After being produced in front of a local magistrate, the couple have been sent to the Madanapalle jail on a 14-day remand.

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