Ultra chic ways to style trending corsets to elevate any outfit!

Read on to discover ways to style corsets, build your outfit with us and ace the hottest trend of summer 2021!

Once upon a time, in fact until quite recently, corsets were considered a rather bold fashion choice, often saved for Halloween or Victorian-cosplays. Derived from the Latin word ‘corpus’ meaning body, corsets are stiff, constricting garments that provide support and uplift the breasts, and are worn primarily to shape the figure as an hourglass and achieve a tiny waist. However, they have had quite the tangent in fashion over the decades. 

Evolution of corsets

First launched in 16th century Europe, they reached peak popularity during the Victorian era. Corsets then were considered innerwear and used to define small waists to complement the extravagant cage skirts by pulling and tying tight strings around the abdomen region. 

For quite some time, they began to be adopted as shapewear, but still kept rather hush-hush. Only a few ‘daring’ actresses of the time donned the silhouette and made statements with their fashion, which was considered bold and sensual at the time. In the early 90s however, the concept of lingerie as everyday wear, and even as expressive outerwear was introduced and embraced into mainstream fashion, with many celebrities donning it. 

With the trending #RetroRevival and 90s fashion making a huge comeback in 2021, corsets are suddenly everywhere! The world’s leading fashion influencers are flaunting their shapely bodies and intricately designed corsets with an added feature of considerably more comfort. They have totally become a stylish and statement outerwear choice in many forms – sleeveless, backless, cupless, and even as waist belts! 

If you are still apprehensive about jumping on the corset bandwagon, we are here to help you out. Here are 3 ultra urban chic outfit ideas to shop – build your corset outfit with us! 

Outfit #1 – Power play

The silhouette that this outfit will give you is going to be out of this world, not to mention the earthy colours sharply contrasted with the black! The billowing bishop sleeves are adequately balanced out by the skinny fit leggings and the waist cinching tie-up corset. Wear the shirt tucked in or left loose, wear the corset belt tightly tied up at your waist and pair the pants with classic stilettos to finish the glamorous look! 

Electomania Leather Lace-up Waist Corset Belt

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Simplicity Placket Blouse in Khaki

₹ 1,492.00 – Buy Now.


Solid Brown Split Ankle Leggings

₹ 1,352.00 – Buy Now.

Outfit #2 – Joyful street style

This outfit can seem daunting, but we promise it flatters every kind of body! It is the ultimate chic summer street, so laid back and minimalistic that it’s a style statement! The youthful and vibrant golden-yellow corset in the form of a bandeau vest perfectly enhances your natural curves, and pairs well with retro revamped blue straight jeans. For the ideal chic look, wear brown or white block heels, and a light bomber jacket if you don’t want to keep your shoulders open. 

Solid Yellow Bandeau Boning Vest Corset

₹ 690.00 – Buy Now.


Solid Denim Blue Straight Leg Ripped Jeans

₹ 1,342.00 – Buy Now.

Outfit #3 – Expressive retro revival

This outfit is not only creative, it also utilises several major and chic trends from various styles. The black tapered carrot pants with silver chains are inspired by steampunk aesthetics, the tie dye printed t-shirt is inspired from the counterculture of the splashy 60s – and the evolved corset binds it all together! Cupless corsets are all the rage right now because of their support and sheer chic appeal. You can try either of these cupless corsets over the oversized t-shirt (don’t tuck it in), and pair the pants with black combat boots to complete the ensemble! 

Solid Black Cupless Boning Tank Vest Corset

₹ 990.00 – Buy Now.


Black Cupless Bandeau Vest

₹ 891.00 – Buy Now.


Simplicity Multicolor Tie & Dye Pullover T-shirt

₹ 742.00 – Buy Now.


Solid Black Chain Tapered Carrot Pants

₹ 1,358.00 – Buy Now.

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