Shefali Jariwala takes up Zentangle to stay away from anxiety and relax her mind

Shefali Jariwala talks about utilizing her alone time and how she is engaged in Zentangle sketching for removing anxiety.

Shefali Jariwala takes up Zentangle to stay away from anxiety and relax her mind

The Bigg Boss fame actress Shefali Jariwala has recently shared about her time being at home in the present pandemic situation. The actress revealed her hobbies and activities that have been keeping her busy in the lockdown situation. As her husband Parag Tyagi has been away due to shooting, she had a lot of alone time, which she used for indulging in mind relaxing activities.

The Kaata laga actress shared that she has been enjoying her alone time in the given pandemic situation and has taken up a new hobby. She shared that it has kept her going in the present stressful times when there is nothing much to do at home. She has taken up Zentangle, Zen means to relax, and tangle means a pattern. The actress also told that she used to sketch a lot when she was younger and while cleaning her home recently, she found her sketchbooks and pens. She had forgotten that she used to sketch so well. The actress revealed that it has helped her in dealing with her anxiety and it has limited her screen time. She is engaged in doing this for three to four hours at a stretch. 

The actress added that the sketching she is doing is without any agenda. “One has to start with some corner of the page and just go on filling it with some pattern. There is no particular rule about it. But when it is complete, it looks beautiful”, she retorted. She further added that she has made many Zentangle designs till now, and plans to frame and gift them to her friends.

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