Monsoon nail care 101: Dry, brittle and unhealthy nails do not stand a chance with these sure fire tips

What’s worse than monsoon-driven smelly nails? We can’t think of anything more terrible. While the summers were harsh on us with all the sweat, the rain season isn’t up to any good for our skin. It can easily dampen your nails wrecking damage to an extent you’d wish for the next season already. You may definitely be excited to venture out of your homes after being home all this while, but remember you shower yourself up once you are home. Because all the dirt accumulated by your nails can lead to troublesome matters. 

Check these simple and easy-to-follow tips that will help keep your nails healthy and clean without weighing down your wallet.


1) Squeaky clean is the way forward

If you’re stepping out, opt for comfortable footwear that won’t dampen your socks leading to the stench you never wanted. Once you’re back home, keep your footwear dry and put your socks inside the laundry bag if it isn’t drenched already. You can put it to dry under the fan or outside, whatever feels comfortable. Next, wash your nails with a gentle soap to get rid of the toxins. This can help avoid the birth of infections and fungi that may follow.


2) Keep ‘em nails short and pretty! 

Let this be your mantra in the monsoon. If you wish to invite bacteria to your nails, you can avoid trimming your nails. Cut your nails already and post this season you can indulge in long fancy nail art trends. You can maybe get a simple manicure and pedicure done that doesn’t expect you to grow your nails too long. 


3) TLC only for cuticles 

Do not over-style your cuticle and attack the skin. Be gentle and keep them healthy with cuticle oils available at stores or curate your own with DIY recipes that include both carrier oils and essential oils. This can help strengthen your nails and prevent these from getting exposed to damage or brittleness. 


4) Soak time is the best time

If you’ve reserved your weekends for masking up your skin and hair, when do you plan on keeping a check on whether or not your nails are doing fine? Dip your hands and feet inside water soaked in 2 tbsp Himalayan salt, 3-4 drops of lemon juice, and 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil. Stay put for 20 minutes and wash your nails with clean water. 


5) Moisturisation is key 

Dehydrated skin is something you’ll hear all year round. No matter the many days or seasons you wrap up, skin dryness won’t let you be. The easiest way to tackle this would be to nourish them with a dollop of moisturiser. So, when you moisturise your skin every day, do not forget your nails.




How do you take care of your nails? Do you count on DIY remedies? Let us know in the comments section.


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