Coldplay’s Chris Martin in South Korea, Is a collab with supergroup BTS on the cards?


Netizens marvel if Chris Martin and his crew are planning an unique collab with BTS members. We have some stable theories for a similar. Read on to seek out out.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin in South Korea, Is a collab with supergroup BTS on the playing cards?

The much-awaited BTS X Coldplay collab would possibly simply occur this 12 months! Several studies by netizens declare that the legendary English rock band”s leader Chris Martin has touched base in South Korea and might be collaborating with the biggest boyband in the world, BTS! He even signed an autograph for a staff member at Incheon airport. The signs are there.

We have solid theories to prove our statements. BTS members have always been fans of Coldplay. Before their historic performance at Wembley stadium, Taehyung revealed that he is a big fan of Coldplay and wants to collaborate with them. In fact, his song Inner Child is very reminiscent of the nostalgia-evoking songs Coldplay is famous for. 

BTS covered Coldplay’s much-loved song Fix You on MTV’s Unplugged. Chris Martin even tweeted about their performance with a message in Korean that read ‘Beautiful’ followed by three white hearts. That’s not all, RM and J-Hope attended Coldplay’s Seoul concert in 2017. There is solid speculation that BTS will be making its big comeback sometime in May. The dots are connected, BTS might feature a Coldplay collab track on their new album!  However, other theories claim that he is here to record a track with the amazingly talented soloist Younha. Younha had posted a picture with Chris Martin back in January on her Instagram.

Either approach, we’re rooting for BTS’s collab with Coldplay, as a result of we all know it will likely be sensational and who is aware of we simply would possibly get a track for ages.