70s Fashion: How to style the most popular colours and silhouettes of the decade

The 1970s are widely regarded as one of the most stylish decades of all time, and for good reason. When you think of fashion in the 70s, you probably picture fitted shirts and bell bottom pants – but there was more to that opulent era! 

From flared silhouettes, statement sleeves and shorter hemlines to bright pastels, textured florals, textured knits, crochets and flamboyant ruffles, the 70s had been a truly eclectic mix of styles. At the time, the Hippie subculture was at its peak and translated largely into fashion trends – tie dye, peasant blouses, bell bottoms, frayed jeans and midi skirts were just some that slid into mainstream fashion. As a matter of fact, trends during that time had been so varied and experimental that Vogue magazine had declared it as an “era of no rules in the fashion game”. 

The revolutionary, disco-era fashion throwback is the hottest trend of 2021, and your shopping carts should reflect it too! Incorporate the groovy retro elements with modern and stylised ones with some of these easy-to-style outfit inspirations. Let’s build the perfect 70s-inspired outfit together! 

Outfit #1 – Multi colour blocking

The 70s were definitely an era of playful expression and carefree attitudes, and what better way to symbolise that than with trends like vibrant primary colours? Modernised for the urban street fashionista, the multicoloured stripe blocks with flared jeans combo work perfectly for a 70s inspired look!

Simplicity Multi Coloured Pull-over T-shirt

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Split Flare Leg Jeans Denim Light Blue

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Outfit #2 – Stylised tie and dye

The cropped hemline, vibrant and youthful colour combination and the tie dye prints – all scream 70s revival! Textures along with prints were huge in the 70s, and the knit fabric does the job perfectly. Paired with light coloured, slightly faded and tapered mom jeans give it a slightly more modern approach. 

Tie & Dye Pink and Orange Front Knot Crop Top

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Denim Light Blue Ruched Mom Jeans

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Outfit #3 – Floral elegance

This outfit is the epitome of retro-inspired sophistication in modern times! The fitted blouse and its closed, ruffled neckline, lively floral prints and vibrant colours are the embodiment of the 1970s. Paired with khaki culotte pants, the look redefines elegance with a touch of the wild 70s! 

Floral Short Sleeve Blouse

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Solid Khaki Simplicity Wide Leg Culotte Pants

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Outfit #4 – Crochet chic 

Given the popularity of crochet in the 70s, its revival was inevitable and this list would be incomplete without an outfit with crochet! The thick, interlocked yarns create stark contrast with the floral geometric pattern (another 70s trend), and matches perfectly with the straight floral, vibrant skirt for an almost beachy look.

Pearls Cami Crochet Floral Vest 

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Orange Floral Simplicity Straight Skirt

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